It is a friendly Association of Ex-Airmen PAF working since March 23,2005. We look after one another, support and share our worries and happiness’s. We have the common AIMS to reinforce our members. It is a non-political, non-sectarian, non-ethnic and non-governmental organization(NGO). Although it is a platform of ex-airmen only, as we know ex-soldiers and ex-sailors are also in-detachable to us for every favour and benefits. We hope they will also support our efforts in their own circles.

Our community ìs 2nd to non among the world’s social and ethical groups. We have almost equal economical, educational, living and traditional status, knowing one another since younger hood to old ages. Our families and children are frank and friendly among themselves. But after retirement we disperse in such a way, that the linkage and contact with each other, even with good friends, is very weak.

EXACT is a platform where we can easily find our friends back. Prove the bad and posed slogan {Airmano ki dosti guard room tak} as false. We can use the platform of EXACT as a think tank of discussing and tracing the path of growing together and development. Now we are friends till the slow march up to the graveyard.

We all the members of EXACT are on the backing of our defense forces, in this critical situation. We condemn all the state and non-state actors, having suspicious and non-serious attitude towards our ideal military forces. We show our complete and sincere sympathies with our national institutions. We confront the US foreign forces who have attacked our dear and brave soldiers. We all the retired defense personnel are shoulder to shoulder with our serving brothers and the nation.

CAS has directed that all PAF retired personal are to be treated with full respect, compassion and goodwill. He further urged that the retired people should heard patiently and all possible help be extended to them in resolving their problems. They must feel backing of an organizational support on all social occasions. Exact is formed to provide a platform to Ex-Airmen to discuss their personal on individual and common issues, work for each other’s welfare.

We Are Delivering & Working

We are working for the community people, delivering educational guidance, community marriage advisor, local and abroad employment opportunities, guidance about pension rules and regulations, privileges, rights and other facilities from parent organization (PAF).

Marriage Guidance

Community marriage advisor is working for the better and compatible relations of our daughters and sons .As after joining the services most of us, due to far and out station postings, cut off from their joint family system. After having developed and improvement in educational and social status we feel difficulties in going back to our native villages and towns. As an event of common welfare EXACT is providing services in this regard to its registered members only.
Contact EXACT Anchorperson:
WASEEM HUSSAIN C.T (R) – 03335273512

Educational Guidance

EXACT is providing consultancy services to the members of EXACT. You can ask for your children’s the proper place, correct direction, suitable field and easy way to achieve the educational goal. Any query or advice you need regarding your children’s admissions in colleges and universities, scholarships etc. Complete and exact guidance on the cost of your pious and precious prays.
Contact EXACT Anchorperson:
M.Akram Ex-Command W.O – 03215148097

Career Guidance

EXACT provides skilled and well experienced technicians/management supervisors, visionary departmental heads. We have rendered our best services to the PAF and now this organization is at the First position in its works and potentials. We have all the trade experts, like mechanical, electrical, electronics, machinists, and computer hardware/software/I.T masters. The general management field like sports, physical training, administrative, security, education, accounts, medical, fire fighting, air traffic control etc. If you are looking for Talented people or if you are looking for a job, feel free to contact us.
Contact EXACT Anchorpersons:
Khalid Awan CWO(R) – 03467722862 & 03007979082
Umar Hyat C.T(R) – 03334532485
RIAZ AHMED C.T(R) – 03086316925

Founder of the EXACT

Abdul Waris

Chairman of the EXACT

Pattern in Chief

Abdul Majeed

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Letter to the President of EXACT from DCAS (Admin) Air Headquarters. Islamabad