Monthly Meeting Report (July 1, 2012)

Monthly Meeting Report (July 1, 2012)

Monthly Meeting Report (July 1, 2012)

A – (Common Points)
I. Awards and Certificates for The Ex Airmen who participated in 1965 & 1971 war
II. Appreciation and Honour to the EXACT Anchor Persons and Volunteer workers
III. Introduction and interviews of the dignities working on high post in different organisations emerged from the Ex Airmen Community
IV. The Magazine (EXACT Views) should be published again online on website.

B – (Individual Issues)
I. Job for Chf Tech (R) Bashir Ahmed on urgency basis. (Disable Person, Qualification: MA – Contact: 03065077118)
II. Victims of pay scale due to discrimination in PAF, some Chief Warrant Officers was not given this benefit as per A.F.I 22/83. CWO (R) Masood Ahmad Joyia is one of these; the case discussed in the meeting and decided to look up the case with account authorities.
III.  C.T (R) M Ashfaq badly stuck up in monitory and financial crises, need sudden help and job.  (Qualification: MA – Contact through Sheikh Waris: 03084670440)
IV. Due to option in date of retirement Chief Warrant Officer (R) Sayed Iftekhar Shah incurred monitory loss – the case on the individual/combined base Chief of Air Staff can help the individual. The account assistants from retired community can guide in this case.


A-I: EXACT members will spread the message to all PAF retired personal and trace out the personal  who participated in the war of 1965 and 1971 and send their data to EXACT on the provided Performa (Awards – 1) on website. Shields and certificates will be distributed on 7th of September, 2012 in a ceremony to those individuals who would be able to join function at Islamabad  and will be delivered to the home address who are living in far areas.

A-II: The Anchor persons who are providing support and guidance to the community members in the, day to day, affairs and matters. They will be appreciated and honoured by the approval of house with the titles as “Man of the Month”, “Man of the Event” or “Man of the Year” etc.

A-III: The dignities and well established persons emerged from the Ex Airmen Community who donates good amounts for the well-being of EXACT will be given honour and protocol at the platform of EXACT. The titles will be approved in the meeting.
A-IV: Chief Editor of the magazine “EXACT Views” M Akram H.F.L (R) assigned the task to compile and publish magazine online.

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