Minutes of Meeting held on April 05, 2013

Minutes of Meeting held on April 05, 2013

Minutes of Meeting held on April 05, 2013

1.    The monthly meeting of EXACT was held in LARWISH Restaurant G-8, Markaz Islamabad at 17:30 Hrs. The meeting presided by President EXACT Sheikh Abdul Waris.  Proceedings were started with the name of Allah and recitation from The Holly Quraan e Karim.
2.    General Secretary, Muhammad Banaras, announced the agenda points of meeting in front of the honour able house of 42 present members:-
a.    Agenda Point No 1 – To hold election for the reviewable slots to establish Cabinet on completion of tremendous tenure of the members.
b.    Briefing to the house about the Letter by Ministry of Finance and decision by the Supreme Court about Restoration of pension.
3.    Following 44 members attended the meeting and donated amounted for the EXACT is mentioned against each:-
4.    After announcement of the Agenda Points and discussion thereon, the House members requested to say the Maghrib Prayers.
5.    On the resumption of the meeting, members of the house designated Raja Ghazanfar Ali and Muhammad Akhlaq to carry out the duties as Election Commissioners.
6.     The house was apprized that as per decision taken in the last meeting, the following posts are required to be filled in for the next two years.  All audience is requested to offer their names and recommend the suitable personnel to complete the cabinet of EXACT:-

1    Acting Chairman
2    Senior Vice President
3    Vice President
4    Chief Co-Ordinator
5    Secretary Legal
6    General Secretary
7    Deputy Secretary
8    Secretary Finance

7.    Mr. Bashir Baghore suggested that the Cabinet should be elected for one year instead of two years. The house did not agree the suggestion given by 23 votes viz 17 votes.
8.    Mr. Bashir Baghore informed the house members about the deteriorating health situation of the Chairman’s and suggested to nominate / elect an Acting Chairman to fill in the ineffective post.   The proposal was unanimously accepted from the house and the vacant positions for elections rose to eight instead of eight.
9.    Mr. Malik Bashir Baghore presented an oath taking statement and was further amended by the Legal Advisor Advocate Abdul Khaliq Thind. Mr. Raja Ghazanfar Ali took the oath from all the newly elected members of the Cabinet.

10.    The President, Mr. Sheikh Abdul Waris briefed the House about the Ministry of Finance Davison Letter No. No. F-13 (13) and decision of the Supreme Court about Restoration of pension.

11.    The process of election started in a civilized manner according to the schedule and completed successfully.  Following were selected for the posts as mentioned against each for next tenure of two years:-

Posts Name of Candidates    Proposed by    Seconded by    No of votes
Acting Chairman
1    CWO Arshad Kamal Malik Malang Khan    Najam Ul Islam Jameel    Elected un-opposed
Senior Vice President
2    Najam Ul Islam Jameel    Bashir baghore    Shamshad Ali    27
3    ii. Muhammad Akram    Asif Qureshi Back to News Page

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